This page has links that explain how to set up email accounts hosted by

The instructions provided below  for Outlook Express have the basic information needed to set up any email client program. We recommend that the normal customer use Outlook Express since it is very simple to set up.  If you are an advanced user, and choose to use a different program, you should review the provided setup instructions for the information needed to set up email on those client programs. There are additional options available for some domains other that, and we have provided an example of setting up Outlook for them.

There are different setup procedures for the various domains that make up, so please choose the domain below that matches the domain of your email address to be set up (the part after the @ sign).

Exact settings you can us to set up any email client program are at:

For EMAIL     Outlook Express

For EMAIL at all other domains hosted by us: (,, and others)  There are three sets of instructions since this server has more options. One set is for Outlook, one is for Outlook Express and one is for the Windows Mail program found on the Vista operating system. Outlook Outlook Express Windows Mail


Thunderbird Users: Mozilla Thunderbird is a great program, but it uses different nomenclature than other email client programs and can be confusing to set up. The experienced user that can appreciate the nice features of Thunderbird should have the knowledge to also adapt the instructions from the provided Outlook set-ups above to get their email working. If you are setting up an email, use the information provided at this link to answer the Thunderbird setup questions.  You can set up an account to use secure POP3, but that is much harder. You can use the link in the next section to give you an example, but make sure you use the correct user name (just the name of and  mail server

If you are setting up email for any other domain we host (such as  here are pointers for setting up secure connection on our secure server. These domains support both secure POP3 and secure SMTP.

Thunderbird secure POP3 

Thunderbird secure SMTP